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Hayley Anderson – Hikers view summer sunset from the peak of Mount Kearsarge

Hayley Anderson – Sunset from the peak of Mount Kearsarge

Hayley Anderson – Lingering sunlight reflecting off clouds and mountains behind Mount Kearsarge

Tom Anderson – New Year from the summit of Mount Kearsarge

Tom Anderson – Sunrise Mount Kearsarge 1

Tom Anderson – Sunrise Mount Kearsarge 2

Dana Bascom – Twin Lake Village Boat House on Little Lake Sunapee

Dana Bascom – Lit Christmas tree in the gazebo, New London

Dana Bascom – Lake Sunapee from the top of Mount Sunapee

Deb Beerman – Greening of Wilmot – Wilmot Garden Club

Rodney Buttry – Kezar Lake

Rodney Buttry – Northern Rail Trail, Andover

Loxi Jo Calmes – Ice Crystals, Eastman Brook

Roberta Crudo – Wilmot during the first snowstorm

Roberta Crudo – Route 11A, Elkins

Roberta Crudo – Stearns Road

Joan Dickey – Looking across Lake Sunapee from Newbury

Jim Davies – Sunrise over Kearsarge

Ann Davis – Man cutting field, Springfield

Ann Davis – Narrow-leaf blue gentian, Springfield

Ann Davis – Tom turkey display, Wilmot

Marc Davis – Mount Cardigan taken from Wilmot

Marc Davis – Hornet’s nest, Wilmot

Marc Davis – Moose, Wilmot

Shandi Elliott – Ducks over Tannery Lane bridge

Shandi Elliott – Sunset on Tannery field

Shandi Elliott-Tannery Dam

Carol Emanuelson – February Sunrise #1, Seamans Road, New London

Carol Emanuelson – February Sunrise #2, Seamans Road, New London

Bob Evans – Three feet of snow, North Wilmot Road, Wilmot

Bob Evans – Sunapee Harbor fireworks

Bob Evans – Sasha, the snow bounding terrier, WilmotCarlyse Evans – Fall – looking over the pond and North Wilmot Road, Wilmot

Carlyse Evans – Ford Day at the Kidder Museum, New London

Carlyse Evans – Elkins Millstone – a piece of our past

Brenda Gessner – Pleasant Lake at Sunset

Adam Glass – Potter Place

Adam Glass – Six Saplings Sugaring House
Adam Glass – Sugar RIve

Geneva Heffernan – Clouds move across chilly sky, Sutton Mills

Geneva Heffernan, Steve Paquin among the flowers at Muster Field Farm

Geneva Heffernan – Jumping between rocks on Mount Kearsarge

Mike Heffernan – Snowy Stars – Main Street, Sutton Mills

Mike Heffernan – Humming bird slurping mini-zinnias – Grist Mill Street, Sutton Mills

Mike Heffernan – My COVID buddy Cheeky

Jeannie Henskens – Smudge at the Wilmot Gazebo

Vica Henskins – WInter storm, Wilmot

Vica Henskens – Tannery Pond, Fall, Wilmot

Vica Henskens – Chase Pond, early morning, Wilmot

Faustina Josephs  – Mount  Sunapee  Summit

Faustina Josephs – Mother Turkey and Chicks, Red House Road, Newbury

Faustina Josephs – Ducks at the State Beach, Lake Sunapee

Jenna Levasseur – “I am snow cute!” – Wiona in Springfield

Heather Mather – When two seasons meet – Pedrick Road, Wilmot

Heather Mather – A lonely chair waits for winter, Pleasant Lake, Bunker Road, Elkins

Heather Mather – A winding trail to the birches, Wilmot Center

David Mathews – Brother bears, Elkins

Susan Nye – Elkins Dam, Fall

Susan Nye – Early Morning, Pleasant Lake

Susan Nye – Rainbow over Pleasant Lake

Janet Schwartz – Morey Pond, Wilmot-Andover

Janet Schwartz – Pumpkin People at the New London Town Offices

Janet Schwartz – Nowell Property, Wilmot

Jonathan Schwartz – Bog Mountain from Stearns Road, Wilmot

Jonathan Schwartz – Village Road, Wilmot

Jonathan Schwartz – Woodland Lane, Wilmot

Debi Seamans – Winter Wonderland, Chase Pond, Wilmot

Debi Seamans – Wilmot Gazebo and mini library

Debi Seamans – Fall Reflections, Chase Pond, Wilmot

Lilyanne Trow – Memorizable memorial, Wilmot Memorial

Lilyanne Trow – Flying flag, Wilmot Memorial

Lilyanne Trow – Sweet sunset from Mount Kearsarge

Barbara Wiggin – Dog days of summer

Barbara Wiggin – Winter snowstorm, Wilmot
Barbara Wiggin – Winter fun in Wilmot

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