Join the fun and get/stay healthy and in shape with the

Get Up, Get Out & Move Challenge

Run – Walk – Bike … if it gets you moving – it’s all good!
Cold one day – wet the next … Mud Season can be trying – you choose the exercise and we’ll help you stick to it.

Mud Season 2021 – Saturday, February 27 – Friday, May 7

It’s not a race or a competition but a great motivation to get out and get moving. Not only is the Challenge healthy and fun, your participation helps the WCA raise money.

It’s free to enter but you must register.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your exercise – run, walk or bicycle. But hey, we’re flexible, if you want to snowshoe one day or ride the stationary bike … it’s all good.  
  2. Set a weekly goal in miles, steps, hours or minutes.
  3. Mail your goal and registration form the WCA at P.O. Box 23 in Wilmot NH 03287 or scan it and email it to
  4. The Challenge will be tracked on the WCA Facebook page. We encourage all runners, walkers and bikers to like/follow the page, add comments, and share pictures.
  5. You can join anytime but the Challenge officially begins Saturday, February 27 and ends Friday, May 7.
  6. All participants are eligible for a prize drawing. A winner will be drawn at random on or about May 10.

For calculating your weekly achievement:

  1. The Challenge week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday.
  2. Results must be submitted by email to over the weekend.
  3. Results will be posted on the WCA Facebook page on or about Wednesday.

Each week you reach or exceed your weekly goal, you’ll earn a point to enter our Get Up, Get Out & Move Raffle and win a great prize.
The drawing will take place on (or about) May 10.

Everyone’s a winner! Daily exercise can help you …

Control your weight … Combat illness … Improve your mood … Boost energy levels … Sleep better … and … Can be fun!

Ask a friend to join you to stay connected while keeping your distance. Enjoy the challenge but while you are out there – please stay safe and follow all state and local traffic laws and respect facial covering and social distancing guidelines. One more reminder – runners and walkers move against the traffic and bikers move with it.

Register today!

Get Up, Get Out & Move Mud Season 2021 Registration Form  

Email the completed form to


Mail to P.O. Box 23, WIlmot, NH 03287.

Save the stamp and put your form in the drop box in the Red Barn’s front entryway at 64 Village Road in Wilmot.