Wilmot Community Association


Wandering through forests, around ponds, and across meadows inevitably leads to discovery. A flower, a bird song, a beaver trail, a collapsed foundation, a hidden cemetery, and questions. Always questions. What is the name of this flower? What bird sings that song? What does it look like inside the beaver lodge? Who built the foundation? What stories could be told about the people under these headstones? Perhaps you would like some of your questions answered when hiking a favorite trail or visiting a historic site. 

Wander Wilmot is a monthly outdoor program series that ventures into Wilmot’s natural and historic areas with an expert guide who engages our curiosity and interprets our encounters.


Bird Walk

Sunday | May 22 | 7:30 a.m. | Langenau Loop

Join us for the inaugural Wander Wilmot program, a bird walk with Bill Chaisson. Chaisson, whose interest in birds took flight when he was 10 years old, wrote the weekly birding column “Of a Feather” for the Claremont newspaper, the Eagle Times. He continues the column in his blog The View from Shin Hollow.

This program is a 2-mile hike and rated moderately difficult. Binoculars encouraged. Please be prepared with the following items: water, bug repellant and hiking shoes. Dogs are not allowed. Space is limited and reservations are required.