Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!


Rachel_Seamans_Margaret_MontoThe Wilmot Community Association is always looking for volunteers! There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved. Whether you you’d like to volunteer to run a special event or program or join one of our regular crews of helpers – we’d be delighted to talk with you. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization and greatly enhance the WCA’s operations.

Descriptions for our on-going crews are below. If you would like to join us and be a part of the team, please email us at wca@tds.net and let us know your particular interest.

The second category is made up of standing volunteer groups (also in pdf file), which includes such exciting opportunities as the:

Below are the job descriptions for the above opportunities

Customer Service Assistants
Job description: We are always looking for people to help us in the office, on both a regular basis assisting with the daily business of WCA and for special mailings.
This job is for you: Have an eye for detail and good clerical skills … and if you are a good sport and don’t mind stuffing a few (make that a lot) envelopes!

Special Delivery Teams
Job description:  We need people to distribute promotional posters and easel road signs to hot spots around the area. You must be a licensed driver, able to drive and to lift and carry signs of up to 40 lbs. This position requires getting in and out of your vehicle frequently, speaking with business owners or town officials to gain permissions to post information, and ability to artfully deploy tacks and tape. These positions report to the event chair.
Bonus: You know the perfect spots to place promotional information for the greatest visibility and impact.
This job is for you: If you love being out and about and are known as the go-to person for getting errands done.

Sweet Bakers & Hot Cooks
harvest_Luncheon_09Job description: We are looking for people to prepare delicious dishes and beauteous baked goods to order for special WCA events each year. These positions report to the event chair.
Bonus: You earn extra credit if you can make and deliver tasty treats to order and are proficient in large-batch cooking.
This job is for you: If you are a fabulous foodie who delights in cooking and baking for hungry hordes of family, friends, and neighbors.

Shutter Bugs
Job description: We need people who are skilled in photography and Photoshop to capture candid shots and cheerfully compel people to pose for group shots at WCA events. You should know how to leverage light, time, and space and compose memorable photos that will appear on the WCA website and in local media. These positions report to the event chair.
Bonus: You are a licensed driver who can attend WCA events and you know how to make people smile and laugh.
This job is for you: If you have a good eye, great photography and people skills, and a burning desire to be almost famous.

Happy Hosts & Hostesses
 John_Monto_Judy_HauckJob description: We are on the lookout for people who love people to greet and welcome visitors with a smile and answer their questions at the entrance to WCA events.
Bonus: You have a cheerful and helpful disposition and you know a lot of local people or you would like to get to know more people.
This job is for you: If you are outgoing, get a kick out of meeting and greeting people, and take pride in representing your community.

Tickets Sales & Management Masters
Job description: We are searching the planet for highly organized and detail-oriented people to sell and manage raffle and event tickets at WCA events. You should have an interest in sales and a good head for numbers, as well as be able to make change correctly and keep track of all sales types and amounts. This position also requires you to sit and smile for periods of time. Position reports to the event chair.
Bonus: You are a good at multi-tasker and insist that your checkbook balance and bank statement match exactly.
This job is for you: If you are a natural salesperson and take pride in your organization skills.

Snappy Set Up, Clean Up Crews
Job description:  We are in need of volunteers who will serve with crews that set up and clean up for a variety of awesome events in Wilmot and beyond. You should be able to follow a floor plan, set up and stack chairs and tables, pick up a minimum of 10 lbs., and push a broom and mop. These positions report to the event chair.
You are someone who likes to clean, organize, and occasionally give orders.
This job is for you: If you would like to lend a hand in your community and enjoy working with others but prefer to work behind the scenes.

Love our Landscape Crews
WCA_clean-up_Red_BarnJob description: We seek outdoorsy types who would like to work as a part of a team beautifying and maintaining the Red Barn and the Timothy Patten Park. The work includes raking leaves, pruning trees, planting flowers, weeding gardens, and picking up litter. You must be able to use manual hand tools for repetitive motions, lift and carry 10 to 15 pounds, and occasionally operate landscaping equipment.

Bonus: You have worked for a landscaper or enjoy working in your garden.
This job is for you:  If you are happiest working outdoors, raking and playing in the leaves or digging in the dirt, and would take great pride in contributing to well-kept lawns and beaches and lovely gardens in bloom in your community.