Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

More than 50 people participated in Wilmot’s 10th annual townwide cleanup week the first week of May. The event, sponsored by the Wilmot Community Association (WCA), the Wilmot Garden Club, and the town of Wilmot, ensures that the town looks wonderful in time for summer. The effort also saves the town and the state of New Hampshire the cost of paying employees to pick up trash along roadsides. Several people adopted more than one stretch of road. This year, volunteers also picked up trash along the Northern Rail Trail in Wilmot.

“Some of our volunteers have participated in this project since it started in 2006,” said Ann Davis, townwide cleanup coordinator and a member of the WCA Board of Directors. “In many instances, friends and neighbors work together to clear the trash along the road they have adopted. We truly appreciate the many hours our volunteers spend beautifying the town. Thank you to all everyone who participated.”

Volunteers included Nola Aldrich, Andover Lions Club, Dana Bascom, Nancy Bates, Marc Beerman, Deb Beerman, Jen Caponigro, Mike Caponigro, Rhina Carroll, Steve Carroll, Marc Davis, Margaret Doody, Bill Doody, Dick Dutton and Elkins Fish and Game Club, Mary Fanelli, Brian Faughnan and Barbara Faughnan.

Also participating were Rhonda Gauthier, Rick Gauthier, Mike Gelcius, Ellie Gregor, Judy Hauck, Bill Hayes, Lindy Heim, Jeanie Henskens, Bob Henskins, Janet Howe, Doug Long, Carol MacDonald, Dave Marshall, Carla Marshall, John Monto and Margaret Monto.

Additional volunteers included Anne Moodey, Jim Moodey, Susan Morse, Matt Morse, Claire Moseley, Dudley Moseley, Beth Horvath-Palmer, Scott Palmer, Deb Ransom, Nancy Schlosser, Rachel Seamans, Jackie Thompson, Charles Thompson, Brenda Tirrell, Ed Weaver, Chris Wells, Malcolm Wells and Ian Wells.