Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Congratulations to our 2016 Scarecrow winners!

For the first time ever
Kearsarge students from 1st to 5th graders joined
the Wilmot Garden Club judges!

rachel_seamans_scarecrow_fishmen_2016Kids’ Choice – Congratulations Rachel Seamans for
Old Fishermen never die, their bobbers just loose their bounce


Garden Club Award – Congratulations Max Brown for Harvest Witch


Friendliest Scarecrow – Congratulations Darlene Delano and Denise Curtiss for
George the Pumpkinhead


Best social message  – Congratulations Darlene Hoyt for Pray for Rain!


Don’t go out at night! Congratulations Mitch Osteen … Jack-o-Slasher


Rattiest Scarecrow – Congratulation Sophie Anderson for Witch


Best Dressed Scarecrow – Congratulatins Amy Gignac and Mara Ferren for
Mexican Day of the Dead Scarecrow


Sportiest Scarecrows – Congratulations Andrew, Madden and Reese Huff for
Huff Hikers

copy_davis_2016_scarecrow_01Most Musical Scarecrow – Congratulations Ann Davis for
Sheryl Crow – crowgirl and friend light up Halloween

Honorable mention

seamans_scarecrow_2016Rachel Seamans – Retirement at the Seamans’ homestead

karate_scarecrows_wilmot_2016Tiger Mountain Karate – Dojo & Deiai

copy_dakin_2016_scarecrow_02Dana Dakin – Dance for your candy!

ilg_scarecrow_2016_02Ociee and Sawyer Ilg – Halloween Goblin

copy_wlp_2016_scarecrow_01Wilmot Learning Place – Children at Play

copy_heim_2016_scarecrowLindy Heim  – Google-eyed Halloween Deer

Thank you to our wonderful judges!

Nancy, Sarah, Olivia, Chris
Sophie, Zach and Rose