2017_03_WCA_Pancakes_06The WCA’s Red Barn was back in the breakfast business on Sunday morning, March 19. The WCA has a long tradition of Sunday breakfasts. It’s been a while since the last one and they have been missed by all.
The WCA is indebted to the many volunteers who gave their time and talents to make the breakfast a success. Heaps of applause goes to the chief cooks and bottle washers, Rachel Seamans and Amber Gove. “We’ve constantly heard how much people miss Sunday morning pancakes at the WCA and were happy to bring them back,” said Rachel. “It was great fun. Everyone had a wonderful time,” added Amber.

Coffeecakes, breads and more were donated by some of Wilmot’s finest bakers and a great kitchen crew was on hand for Sunday. “We want to thank everyone who came out to help us. We couldn’t have done it without you,” said Rachel. The bakers and kitchen crew included Ann Davis, Darlene Delano, Kim Esposito, Adam Glass, Judy Hauck, Darlene Hoyt, Chris Jensson, Mary Kulacz, Nancy Large, Sandy Messer, Michelle Robinson and De Segerson,

The WCA is always happy to help local high school and middle school students earn their community hours. Amber’s sons Josiah and Avery Gove helped with breakfast along with Victoria Cruz, Jacob DuPuis, Carly Esposito, Carla Hoyt, Jack Schwendler and Elijah Westerburg.



Thank you to all who joined the fun and enjoyed a delicious morning.