It’s been a pleasure getting to know the members, neighbors, and friends of the WCA. December 15 will be my last day at the Red Barn. I will remember fondly the many people who have made me feel welcome throughout my time at the WCA. Who knew seven plus years could pass so quickly? 

Thank you for your friendship and hard work to help make the Red Barn and Timmy Patten Park hubs of activity. From fun and festive children’s events to dances, trivia, mac and cheese, seminars, and lots more – you are what makes Wilmot a wonderful community. 

I won’t be retiring and am excited about having a lot more time to write and, maybe, even relax a bit. You can check out what I’m writing on my blog, Around the Table. If you look for me this winter, I won’t be hard to find. You can always join me for a morning of skiing at Ragged Mountain or a walk around Pleasant Lake. 

Take care and warm wishes for a happy, healthy 2022,