Wilmot Community Association

The Red Barn pulsed with fun and good will on June 1 when Cub Scout Pack 71 held its annual Pinewood Derby in the Function Room.
Nineteen contestants crafted race cars from a solid block of pine. Weight and placement of wheels are strictly governed to ensure the vehicles can negotiate the track, but design and paint are left to the creators’ imagination.
Parents, grandparents, siblings, and others filled the room to cheer racers and celebrate their accomplishments.
The track is impressive. So are the speeds (all timed electronically and displayed on a large monitor). Times for these 5 ounce vehicles exceeded 160 mph! Multiple heats, twice on each track, with an average time, helps to ensure that no contestant was consigned to a slow lane.
Six kids went home with a trophy. Many others also received a certificate for various categories including most original, best paint job, most patriotic, etc. In the event of a tie all the kids (as many as three) got a certificate. All the racers also received a Pinewood Derby patch for participating.
One derby racer’s face lit up when he got his certificate. He beamed for the rest of the night.
There was a balance of good sportsmanship and keen competition throughout the night. Kids cheered each other in that wonderful, boisterous kid way that makes it impossible to be grim. The magic touched everyone in the room.
Cub Scout Pack 71 meets at the WCA Red Barn every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. The pack welcomes boys and girls. Do you have kiddos who would like to join the fun? Contact Cub Master Brian McCarthy for more information at 802-503-7917 or email him at gollybrian@gmail.com.