Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Thanks a Million! We couldn't have done it without you

The Wilmot Community Association (WCA) was back in the pie business on Saturday morning, July 16 at the Wilmot Farmers Market. More than 40 homemade pies donated by bakers with a knack for making delicious creations flew off the table and went home with happy customers. 

A huge thank you to Amber Gove and Rachel Seamans for pulling together all the pieces to make both events super successes! 

The WCA is indebted to the many people who gave their time and skills to make the sale a tremendous success. A big thank you to all our bakers – Kelly Burch, Ann Davis, Darlene Delano, Margaret Doody, Shandi Elliot, Carlyse Evans, Amber Gove, Kim Hill, Chris Jenssen, Michele, Julia Noreika, Jonathan Schwartz, Rachel Seamans, Janet Schwartz, Kristin McCarthy, and Barbara Wiggin. Additional thanks go to the crew that set up and staffed the tent for the sale – Hayden Brown, Amber Gove, Chris Jenssen, Jodi Hedderig and Rachel Seamans. 

Later that night, Jake Davis and the Whiskey Stones played foot stomping Americana music at the Wilmot Bandstand and the WCA served a deliciously simple supper. Happy diners enjoyed hotdogs, chili, fish soup, chips, cookies, brownies, pie slices, and drinks. Contributors to the meal include Amber Gove for the sumptuous fish soup, Rachel Seamans for the chili and the following goodie bakers for dessert: Ann Davis, Shandi Elliott, Carlyse Evans, Jodi Hedderig, Lisah Carpenter, Carol McDonald, Katherine Merrill, Rachel Seamans and Patricia Severance. 

Carlyse Evans, Amber Gove, Jodi Hedderig and Rachel Seamans served up this tasty supper. 

Proceeds from the Pie Sale and Bandstand Supper benefit the WCA.