Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Wilmot Community Association Bringing Neighbors Together For 60 Years!

Judging Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: To prevent duplicate votes, you must complete the rating of all 53 images in one sitting. (1 to 2 hours). You may change/correct image ratings as many times as you wish as long as you do not leave/quit the form. If you do accidentally quit the form, you will have to start over.
Recomended: Before you start…

The instructions below are an abbreviated list of steps. We urge you to read the detailed intructions HERE before starting your judging pass.

To Rate the Images

1. Click the URL link for the judging form that was sent to you.

2: Move to a photo and click on the thumbnail image to view a full size picture. Then close the large display using the “X” top right of the dsplay.

3. There are three categories to rate for each photo. Click on the checkbox in front of the rating you want to give each category under each picture

4. When you have rated all categories under all the images, click the Submit button.

5. If you accidentally miss an image altogether, or one of the category ratings under an image, the form will refuse to submit and will scroll back up to the image that has a missing rating.

6. You will get a message on the page when the submission is complete.

Thank you for beng a judge for the WCA photo contest.