Scarecrows were popping up all over!

Thank you to everyone who entered Wilmot’s 10th Annual Scarecrow Contest! We were amazed and enchanted by the entries. A warm thank you to our illustrious judges Chris Jenssen, Nancy Large and Katherine Merrill and their junior sidekicks – Hayden and Gavin Brown.

The Wilmot Garden Club co-sponsors the contest. Lots of prizes were awarded. In case you missed them – here are the winners!The Hairy Scaries win Scariest Scarecrow – Thank you Kristin Ash and Niko Chertikhin

Garden Club Award goes to Brenda Gessner for Willy WIlmot – Great use of florals!
Jaimie and Aurelia Jusczyk win Best Nighttime Display for Miss Stevie – Wonderful!

Keith Seamans Cat & Mouse Game wins Scariest Group Ensemble
One more prize from the Garden! Thank you Shandi Elliot for the very cheerful Sweet Beginnings Daycare display.
Rachel Seaman’s New Yard Man gets the prize for Most Helpful!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

And the winners are…

Once again creativity reigned throughout Wilmot during the WCA’s eighth annual Scarecrow Contest. The winners were selected by an astute and austere panel of judges from the Kearsarge School District and the Wilmot Garden Club.

Many thanks to our judges –
from New London Elementary School: Rose and Iris Patrick and Sophie, Zach and Sarah Anderson
from the Wilmot Garden Club: Nancy Large, Lindy Heim and Chris Jenssen

The fabulous prizes are gift certificates to Grounds in New London and The Wilmot Garden Club Plant sale as well as gift subscriptions to the InterTown Record newspaper.

A huge thank you to all the participants! Your scarecrows are wonderful!

Wilmot Garden Club Best in Show
Carol & Doug McDonald’s Wilma Phlat

Kid’s choice
Chris & Tom Jenssen’s Patiently waiting for snow

Best use of natural materials
The Brown family’s scarecrow

Wilmot Public Library Storytime Group’s Mr. Hubbarb rides a reindeer

Lindy Heim’s After a long summer, Nature takes charge of the garden

Best social message
Keith Seaman’s Pilgrims around the totem pole

Sebastian Prieto’s Kearsarge Hockey PlayerSportiest Too
Ray Ilg’s Scarecrow for Ociee and Sawyer

Best group/family effort
Huff Family’s Summer Fun

Rachel Seaman’s Opposites attract

The results are in!

Congratulations to our 2016 Scarecrow winners!

For the first time ever
Kearsarge students from 1st to 5th graders joined
the Wilmot Garden Club judges!

rachel_seamans_scarecrow_fishmen_2016Kids’ Choice – Congratulations Rachel Seamans for
Old Fishermen never die, their bobbers just loose their bounce


Garden Club Award – Congratulations Max Brown for Harvest Witch


Friendliest Scarecrow – Congratulations Darlene Delano and Denise Curtiss for
George the Pumpkinhead


Best social message  – Congratulations Darlene Hoyt for Pray for Rain!


Don’t go out at night! Congratulations Mitch Osteen … Jack-o-Slasher


Rattiest Scarecrow – Congratulation Sophie Anderson for Witch


Best Dressed Scarecrow – Congratulatins Amy Gignac and Mara Ferren for
Mexican Day of the Dead Scarecrow


Sportiest Scarecrows – Congratulations Andrew, Madden and Reese Huff for
Huff Hikers

copy_davis_2016_scarecrow_01Most Musical Scarecrow – Congratulations Ann Davis for
Sheryl Crow – crowgirl and friend light up Halloween

Honorable mention

seamans_scarecrow_2016Rachel Seamans – Retirement at the Seamans’ homestead

karate_scarecrows_wilmot_2016Tiger Mountain Karate – Dojo & Deiai

copy_dakin_2016_scarecrow_02Dana Dakin – Dance for your candy!

ilg_scarecrow_2016_02Ociee and Sawyer Ilg – Halloween Goblin

copy_wlp_2016_scarecrow_01Wilmot Learning Place – Children at Play

copy_heim_2016_scarecrowLindy Heim  – Google-eyed Halloween Deer

Thank you to our wonderful judges!

Nancy, Sarah, Olivia, Chris
Sophie, Zach and Rose

The scarecrows are coming

No, it’s not an apocalypse! It’s the 7th Annual Scarecrow Contest.Connie_Jordan_Country_Cowgirl_02

Thanks to the WCA and the Wilmot Garden Club, fanciful creatures will soon be popping up all over town! Everyone in Wilmot is encouraged to participate in this fun fall event. The final deadline for entries is Wednesday, October 26!

Entering the contest is easy. Email a photo of your scarecrow to the WCA. Please include the name of your scarecrow, your name, street and mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address. Children, please add your age.scarecrow_2015_lindy_01


A fabulous prize could be yours! The Garden Club will review all entries and award prizes to the winners. You could receive a gift certificate for CB Coburn’s in New London or Wilmot Garden Club plant sale or a one-year subscription to the InterTown Record.

The winners will be announced on the WCA website, Facebook and Twitter on Friday, October 28.

Print or download the poster.